Documentation Date First Basic

Installation Steps

  1. Ensure that WooCommerce and WooBookings are installed
  2. Download the Date First for WooCommerce plugin
  3. Login to your WordPress Admin Area
  4. Upload the Date First plugin. There are two ways you could upload the plugin files:
    1. Go to Plugins > Add New in the main menu. Upload the Date First plugin zip file
    2. Using an FTP client, upload the plugin zip file to the following location on your web server: /wp-content/plugins/
  5. Click on ‘Plugins’ in the main menu
  6. Find the Date First for WooCommerce plugin and activate it
  7. Congratulations! The plugin is now installed and ready to be configured for your product


Date First Set-up

  1. All WooBookings settings will carry over to your Date First products
    1. Although, please note that the Beta version does not allow hour or minute intervals, only days
  2. To activate Date First open or create the product you want to change.
    1. Insure it is set to ‘Bookable product’ and ‘Has resources’
    2. Tick the ‘Change to Date First’ box
    3. Update
      1. Updating will change only this product.  Any other product you want to show as Date First must also be ticked and updated also.
  3. You must have resources assigned to the product for Date First to work.
    1. Resources are what the Date First plugin check against.
    2. You can block out dates and set priorities for resources just as you do with WooBookings.



  1. “Has Persons” if this box is ticked an input box will be added to your product to select number of people per booking.
  2. Booking Duration, if this is set to 1 day only no ‘Choose total Days’ box will be shown
  3. “Min and Max Duration’ when these are set the days input box will be limited to these amounts.



  1. If you wish to hide the ‘Steps” headings from your product, add .dis_wcb_steps {display:none} to your CSS file.
  2. To replace the spinner with your own image or style, target #dis_wcb_datefirst_spinner {} in your CSS file.



  1. All Woocommerce action and template hooks will work as normal.
  2. Hooks for the Date First Plugin will be available in the PRO version.