Documentation Date First PRO

(Examples at bottom)

Installation Steps

  1. Ensure that WooCommerce and WooBookings are installed
  2. Download the Date First PRO plugin
  3. Login to your WordPress Admin Area
  4. Upload the Date First PRO plugin. There are two ways you could upload the plugin files:
    1. Go to Plugins > Add New in the main menu. Upload the Date First PRO plugin zip file
    2. Using an FTP client, upload the plugin zip file to the following location on your web server: /wp-content/plugins/
  5. Click on ‘Plugins’ in the main menu
  6. Find the Date First PRO for WooCommerce plugin and activate it
  7. Congratulations! The plugin is now installed and ready to be configured for your product


Date First PRO Set-up

Date first PRO now works with or without using Resources.


  1. Global availability and product level availability set to ‘No’ are now blocked out on the calendars (full days only)
  2. Shortcodes now allow you to show/not show product or category images for the Grouped search
  3. Shortcodes now allow you to separate your Grouped Categories from the Search results.  Allowing for more visual control
  4. If you are using start and end dates you can choose to show a calendar always or on-click.  Use ‘Calendar display mode’ in General Settings.
  5. If you want to show 2 date selections on grouped products add both=”yes” within your short code.

There are 2 main functions to this plugin.

1. Taking single products and allowing them to be booked by selecting the date first.

This currently will only work for full day bookings. Hourly is not accommodated for.

a. To add this functionality the box in ‘Product Data’ labeled “Change to Date First” must be ticked. This unhooks the current woocommerce_template_single_add_to_cart template and hooks in the Date First woocommerce_template_single_add_to_cart template.
b. For products set to 1 day only, a calendar is used for selection.
c. For products that can be booked for > 1 day a start date and end date input box are provided (or 2 calendars if selected to display in product settings).

2. Allowing the grouping of similar products to be searched at the same time.

a. Use a unique category to group your products together
b. Products can either use availability  or use Resources.  You can mix and match
c. To show these category groups use the short code  [show_group_category group="product-grouping-1"] where the group is the is the category tag slug. Otherwise you can set it to all if you have more than one grouped product. [show_group_category group="all"] If you set to ‘all’ you must have more than 1 sub-category. The shortcode can be added in any page apart from the product page template.

1. Continue to use the [show_group_category group="product-grouping-1"] or [show_group_category group="all"]
2. Separate the category info from the results using 2 different shortcodes.
a. [show_group_cat_only]
group=”e-bikes” or group=”all” e.g. [show_group_cat_only group="all"]
calendar=”yes” Will show calendar e.g. [show_group_cat_only group="e-bikes" calendar="yes"]
image = “yes” Will display a category image e.g. [show_group_cat_only image = "yes" group="all"]
b. [show_grouped_result] – this is the results of the search after selecting the date
calendar=”yes” Will show calendar e.g. [show_grouped_result calendar="yes" ]
grouped = “yes” Shows resources grouped under their products full product info and image is shown e.g.  [show_grouped_result grouped="yes"]
image = “single” Shows the product image next to each resource e.g. [show_grouped_result image="single" calendar="yes" ]

NOTE: Date First will now search products or resources.


Calendar on the left, All Categories, Result Grouped by Product

Calendar in main result, E-Bikes only, Result Grouped by Product

Calendar in main result, Cat and Single Resource Images