A Product with Dropdown Dates


  1. Use either Resources or Max Blocks and Availability to set dates.
  2. Booking duration can be fixed blocks of Hours or Days.
  3. If using resources make them automatically assigned.
  4. Within Availability set All dates are.. ‘not-available by default’
  5. Insure you tick the box that says Change to Booking Product Dropdown

DO NOT mix and match or it will not work.




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    4 responses to “A Product with Dropdown Dates”

    1. Claudia Nkoyok says:

      Hello, thank you for this help. The code works well. But I use Wp job manager product. And the dropdown works on the product page but on the one of the listing with which it is associated. Do you have an idea ?

      • plugins-user says:

        Could you provide me a link to the product? I am unfamiliar with WP job manager, so I’m not sure if that is a plugin or something else. Can you clarify please?

    2. NKOYOK Claudia says:

      Thanks for your answer. Here the link for Product for WP manager https://astoundify.com/products/wp-job-manager-products/
      On my website I use both:Wp job manager (https://wpjobmanager.com/) and Product wp job manager to link listings with woocommerce products

      • plugins-user says:

        Thank you for those links, but I meant a link to your product. I need to see why it’s not working to then decide if figuring out the issues with these plugins is worth the time. This is the first request for this. Thanks.

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