Change Log

Date Basic


Remove redundant call to css file
Change spinner color to white


Add Woothemes Product Add-on Functionality
Add hidden class CSS
Change transition to cart link so it reflects cart page setting
Change ‘add-to-cart’ ┬álink so it reflects cart page setting

Date First Pro

* Set for first Pro Release

* Added check that product is booking before allowing Date first
* Corrected missnaming of Grouped Category from dis_date_first_pro to datefirst_pro
* Removed check for ‘datefirst’ before loading js files
* Added ability to show for accommodation-bookings product type

* fixed hidden class not being applied to the calendar
* changed search for category from slug to id to correct non-object
* fixed how date was sent to Booking Resource query to allow for different timezones during daylight savings.
* change to block off previous dates when 2 date boxes are shown
* add check for Add-On Class before calling

* Added ability block off calendar dates when Global and Product level availability set to ‘NO’ (full days only)
* Added shortcode options to separate grouped category and results
* Added shortcode options to show pictures of products at category or search
* Added shortcode options to show calendar with Category or with results

* Modified plugin to work without resources
* Modified start and finish date selection to show calendar or show on click by Calendar Display Mode selection
* Add functionality to block out days of the week from calendars (not just specific dates)

= 1.3.0 =
* Remove the need for a Parent category on grouped products
* Simplified add-ons so they are only shown once per resource grouping.
* Tidied un-used code
* Added validation check for required fields in Add-on Plugin

= 1.3.1 =
* Fixed Add-on Plugin call to New Display Class
* Tidied variables that were not needed

Recurring Bookings

* Set for first Release


Add recurring for Accommodation add-on
Remove extra ‘Repeating’ wording in cart
Add Global option to change all products


Change Monthly/Weekly Choice to radio buttons
Correct missing closing parentheses