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All of my work with WooCommerce Bookings plugins is based on client requests.  Even though I have a very good sense of how to map out business processes, nothing is quite the same as being the person who deals with things day to day in a business. I may think I know what you want and need, but having you tell me is so much better. The idea originated with Pedalabikeway but has been rolled out to a few other

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Super Simple Availability Search for Woocommerce Bookings

You know what, I need to raise my hand here for a second and admit I made a classic mistake.  Something I hated about when I worked for other companies.  I built a plugin that I thought people wanted, instead of listening closer to what people were asking me.   I built Datefirst Pro to provide many different ways to search a single or group of products, by selecting the date first.  Awesome right?  But.. and this is a big

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Admin Calendars for Woocommerce Bookings

This is another one of those functionalities that keep cropping up here and there. We are talking about the ability for a customer or admin to see all bookings at a quick glance. I realise that WooBookings has their calendar in Admin, but it's not easy to see what's up at a glance. Sometimes you want to see what is left for a particular day vs what has been booked out. I first built something like this to show my

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    Are templates necessary for Woocommerce Plugins?

    Are you a developer, a designer, full-stack, or even rely on a Wordpress theme builder like Divi?  Which ever you are, I'm sure you have your own approach to design on your websites.  I know I do. I personally like to dig in and create my own templates and bespoke theme for every project I build.  This means I sometimes forget what other Wordpress users are doing out there.  I then get a little stuck in my head how best

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    Why WooBookings Resources are important

    Resources are a very powerful but sometimes completely overlooked part of the Woo bookings plugin.  A resource simply means that you can assign different types of 'capacity' and allow them to be attached to more than one product.  In my original use case it was bikes. If you wanted to hire/rent a women's bike for the day, great, but what about the size?  Instead of having a product for every size we have a resource.  14in, 16in, 18in.  It keeps

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