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All of my work with WooCommerce Bookings plugins is based on client requests.  Even though I have a very good sense of how to map out business processes, nothing is quite the same as being the person who deals with things day to day in a business.

I may think I know what you want and need, but having you tell me is so much better.

The idea originated with Pedalabikeway but has been rolled out to a few other clients.  Pedals have 2 main bookings, for coaching courses and for bike hire.


To help them keep track of everyone coming to the Cycle Centre and without having to trawl through the not particularly friendly Bookings Admin, I’ve built a plugin that emails them class lists on the morning of.  (My other clients choose the night before).


For coaching courses, it’s pretty straight forward.  The name of the person who booked, the course they booked on, and ‘other info’.  Currently we have included the length or time of the course and any notes added during purchasing.


This simple form works great.  It’s simple class list that the coach or client can use on the day to see what is happening in one simple place.  Waiting in their inbox.


In another scenario, you can see how this would be even more helpful.  This kid’s coaching happens every Saturday, and without a printable list, the guys organising would have a nightmare of a time.


Something to note with this list is that we’ve included some bespoke Meta Data.  With it being kid’s coaching, the parents are the bookers and the child’s name is added in the product page.  This is the info provided for the coaches.


The final scenario is for bike hire.  On any given day this can run into 20-30 bikes.  I help with a few other process and forms, yet having a single printable list to send to the hire yard makes life easier.


Bikes are grouped by category and then by hire time.  Similarly the bookers name is included and any extra info at checkout.


Currently I use a CRON job to send the emails, which means I can pick exactly what time they are sent.  Wordpress doesn’t make this as straight forward.  They have created their own CRON system which means you can set times, but someone has to visit the site before the job is scheduled.


Here’s the thing. I’ve created something that works great for my clients.  But what about for your situation?


I could release a plugin now, but I want it to work for more people and more businesses. Like yours.


If you are interested in being a test case please get in touch.  Just send me a bit about your business and what type of email list you would like to send.

I will then try and design the plugin exactly for you.

Please get in touch.


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