Admin Calendars for Woocommerce Bookings

This is another one of those functionalities that keep cropping up here and there. We are talking about the ability for a customer or admin to see all bookings at a quick glance.

I realise that WooBookings has their calendar in Admin, but it’s not easy to see what’s up at a glance. Sometimes you want to see what is left for a particular day vs what has been booked out.

I first built something like this to show my bike hire company what bikes were available if someone phoned in a large group booking. It isn’t pretty, but it does the job.

They select the date they would like to see bookings for and the below table pops up.

This way they have a quick glance to see what is available that day.

Similarly I helped a company implement this on the front end of their site.  They wanted to allow their customers to search by date and show which hotel rooms are available.  A fairly straight forward implementation, but Woocommerce Bookings doesn’t allow the ability to do simple things.  It’s a fantastic plugin but sometimes too clever for it’s own good. 🙂

I am happy that Woobookings has done this because it provides me with many opportunities to problem solve for clients.  I get a buzz out of finding ways to implement the basics for businesses.

If you are interested in how I did the above, please be in touch.  Or if you would like help with your own project, give me a shout.




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