Are templates necessary for Woocommerce Plugins?

Are you a developer, a designer, full-stack, or even rely on a WordPress theme builder like Divi?  Which ever you are, I’m sure you have your own approach to design on your websites.  I know I do.

I personally like to dig in and create my own templates and bespoke theme for every project I build.  This means I sometimes forget what other WordPress users are doing out there.  I then get a little stuck in my head how best to present my work to others so they can use it.

Have you ever got an idea in your head, jumped in to building/creating it, and then 4 hours later realised it was a waste of time?  Ha.. I’m sure you have, that’s what anyone that touches code regularly does.

I decided yesterday that my plugins would be so much better for users if I created Woocommerce like templates to go with them.  There started my trip down a rabbit hole.  To create a simple 1 page template with hooks and options for users to create the layout they want I was 5 more pages/files of code and not actually giving you that much more control over the layout.  This also didn’t include any CSS or styling.  Which is when I said wait a minute.  What if you have this ‘wonderful’ template and still can’t do anything with it.

I’m back to square one.

I should have just asked users to begin with.  That’s my goal this week.  To understand the best way to offer style control to you.  If you have moment can you tick a box below for me??  Or fill in you own thoughts.

Thanks in advance.

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