Why WooBookings Resources are important

Resources are a very powerful but sometimes completely overlooked part of the Woo bookings plugin.  A resource simply means that you can assign different types of ‘capacity’ and allow them to be attached to more than one product.  In my original use case it was bikes.

If you wanted to hire/rent a women’s bike for the day, great, but what about the size?  Instead of having a product for every size we have a resource.  14in, 16in, 18in.  It keeps things tidy for the customer and for you as Admin.  For an activity weekend booking I can attach the same bikes (resources) to that product and I will never overbook a bike!

A few other typical examples

1. Camp ground that has areas (Family, by the River, etc) and pitches.  The pitches would be the resource.

2. Staff as a resource is great too.  If you have coaches, or hair dressers you can assign them to different types of products.  Such as children or advanced coaching.  Hair cuts or hair colour.  With resources your staff will never be double booked.

3. What about recording studios or even fishing spots on a lake. Yep, resources are perfect.

So why am I going on about resources?  Because that is how Date First Pro works.  By searching all resources associated with a product or a group of products.  It’s a very powerful function.

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