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After buying Woocommerce Bookings, did you realise it didn't do everything you wanted it to? It's a powerful plugin, but because of it's power it feels like they left some of the basics out.

What do you wish that Woocommerce Bookings could do?

Allow the user to select the date first.

show only resources available after selecting the date

You Need Date First Basic

Select the date first plus more.

Group products into one search, select start and end dates, book a product immediately after searching.

You Need Date First PRO

Book several weeks in one go.

Allow users to book several weeks at a time. Have all bookings show up in admin and with reminders.

You Need Recurring Bookings

Select the product available date with a dropdown box.

Great for only a few available dates, track when bookings are selling out, only show what is still available to book.

You Need Dropdown dates

Simple Availability Search

Search by start or start/end date and show only product results of what is available on that day. Read The Write Up

You Need Simple Date First

Close, but I actually need..

Is your situation just a bit different or even a lot different. Much of my work is developing plugins for specific use cases.

You Need a Bespoke Plugin

I'm happiest when I get to solve your problems!

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Select the Date First with Woocommerce Bookings

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choose the date first then see the available resources for that day

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